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What drives Indian talent to choose startups as their preferred place of employment? | Expert Speak

Nov 23, 2021
India’s Fostering Startup EcoSystem: Along with garnering remarkable success in the last few years, Indian Startups have also become a preferred employment destination that attracts the best of the talents in the Indian workforce. Let’s Decode Why!

Top Highest Paid Jobs of 2020 in India

Sep 21, 2021
These are some of the top highest paid jobs of 2020 in India that will help you grow financially. Choosing any of the above fields as your career will surely help you gain an edge over others.

Most Lucrative Career Options of 2019 for the Youngsters

Jul 6, 2021
Indian youngsters are known to be super passionate about their life and career goals. Therefore, the traditional career options of being a doctor or engineer do not appeal to them.

4 Top Tips to ace IELTS Exam

Jun 1, 2021
Get IELTS Preparation Tips, exam information and advice from IELTS expert from British Council of India. Top tips to ace IELTS Exam.

Know About Special Career Options in Market Research

Apr 19, 2021
The key responsibility of a Market Researcher is to help an organization draft a dynamic product / services profiles that captures the preferences of their consumers. This in turn helps the marketing and sales teams meet their objectives.

Internship Programme of Ministry of Home Affairs for 2012-13

Apr 15, 2021
Know significant information about the Internship Programme of Ministry of Home Affairs for the year 2012-13

Careers in Tourism

Feb 11, 2021
Careers in tourism can be exciting and adventurous. India as an ideal travel destination is expected to create 4.5 lakhs job opportunities in the tourism sector by 2025. This is a clear sign that candidates who are skilled and understand how the tourism industry works will definitely grow in this profession.

5 Time Management Skills to master before you are 30

Jan 11, 2021
They say that life is too short to live, and managing time is the dire need of the hour. Find out 5 effective time management skills to master before you turn 30. 

Career in Music

Dec 29, 2020
Even though such a creative career drives on passion and talent, it is also important for aspirants to back themselves with a degree in music or creative arts. Interested students can pursue a degree course in music

Career in Animation: How to be an Animator?

Sep 17, 2020
Animation is one of the most popular career fields today. The growing popularity of animated films and the use of visual effects in blockbuster films have made Career in Animation a popular choice among students. But despite the rising interest in the field, not many students are aware about what animation is and how they can build their career in Animation? So, let’s try and find out!

10 mistakes you must avoid in a Group Discussion

Aug 24, 2020
Gearing up to take admission in an MBA? Here are some common mistakes that you should making in the group discussion

Public Speaking: Overcoming the fear & improving your skills

Aug 19, 2020
Blame self-consciousness or just doubts on one's abilities, public speaking remains one of the biggest fears of college students. But with these easy steps, getting rid of it will become easy.

Employment Tests: How to crack this very important stage of job interview?

Aug 18, 2020
Employment Tests have become a common part of the recruitment process. Here’s how you can crack recruitment tests and get selected for the job.

Forensic Science – A Niche Vocational Career Option

Aug 11, 2020
If Sherlock Holmes and ByomkeshBakshi are your role models, you might be the right candidate to build a career in forensic science. So, let’s find out more about Forensic Science and see if it is the right career option for you.  

What ‘NOT’ to write in your Job Resume?

Aug 5, 2020
Want to impress your interviewer in a job interview? Avoid these words or phrases in your Resume or CV to build a positive image before your interviewer.
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