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Make your preparation for the Common Law Entrance Test (CLAT) exam easy with these expert tips from Mr. Amit Poddar (TIME Education) who is here to guide the aspirants on "how to prepare for CLAT in 3 months?" Find out how to strategize your study plan, which sections to cover first, important topics and number of days required to crack CLAT entrance exam.

Common Law Entrance Test, CLAT 2020 exam dates have been announced and this year the exam is scheduled for 10th May 2020. This approximates that an ideal student preparing for the Board exams (XII class) and the ones who have already passed their XIIth Standard exam have 3 months in hand to crack CLAT 2020. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how to strategise three months effectively for CLAT exam preparation.

In this article, you will get to read practical tips from our expert Mr. Amit Poddar, who is a valuable resource from TIME Education, guiding students about preparing an apt study plan, sharing section-wise preparation tips, and also ensuring that all the topics are covered within 3 months. Find out how much time should you dedicate to crack CLAT exam. These tips will not only help you crack the exam but will also aid you to score high percentile in CLAT 2020.  

As per the statistics shared by our expert, every year more than 50000 students appear for the CLAT exam to seek admission to 22 NLUs in India. And this makes it clear why time span of atleast 3 months is necessary to beat the competition. The upcoming 3 moths are crucial in terms of cracking the CLAT exam.

CLAT 2020 - How to plan for it?

The key is to find out number of hours to dedicate for CLAT preparation each day. Once you have figured out that "I want to study 2 hours or 3 hours every day for the exam", it will be easy for you to streamline the study plan accordingly. Tips from our expert Mr. Amit Poddar will help you reduce the pressure at the last hour of preparation.

How to prepare for CLAT 2020 in 3 months?

1. Keep a tap on your Anxiety

With barely 100 days left for the exam preparation, you need to buckle up your belt and get in the zone for CLAT exam preparation. As a first and foremost step of preparation, observe and understand the CLAT exam pattern carefully, and find out what is expected from you in the CLAT exam.

2. Know your status quo for CLAT preparation

Status quo is essential requirement for an aspirant. It is because not all the candidates preparing for the CLAT 2020 fall under same cadre. Let's take a look at various categories of students preparing for CLAT and know their status quo:

Category 1 - Already preparing for CLAT since 1 year

For such aspirants, it is advised that find out the changes that have been introduced in the exam. However, if we see preparation-wise, these students are somewhere prepared to take the bull by the horn.

Tip: Reduce the no. of hours of preparation right now and focus on Board exam (XII standard) preparation.

Category 2 - Aspirants preparing from February and have already passed 12th class

For such candidates, it is advised that start now and fast track you're preparing for the CLAT 2020. It is important to focus on Mathematics, English, Reasoning, and GK with complete dedication and focus.

Tip: Plan smartly; it is not important to work on each section every day. However, do read important happenings and events to prepare for the GK section as the exam will carry questions based on current affair events only. Make a habit to read news paper daily, and try to read magazines of last one year. Aim for making a place among the top 2000 students seeking admission to NLUs.

Category 3 - First timers

These are the aspirants currently preparing to appear for the board exams (12th Class). For you, it would not be fair if we say that focus on CLAT Exam preparation. Board exams should be your first priority, on the contrary, you can follow the tips mentioned here that will help you prepare simultaneous for Boards and CLAT both.

Tip: Devote 10 mins to newspaper daily and try to learn 5 vocab words to enhance your vocabulary. Say For say, if you prepare 5 current affairs daily, read and grasp 6-7 words of vocab, idioms, phrases, or a few MCQs from maths that will help you in the end to crack CLAT 2020.

Depending upon that status quo and in which category you fall, decide the course of action for the CLAT 2020 exam preparation.

Preparation plan for each category of student

In a nutshell, you can follow the preparation plan as mentioned below. This plan is a reference for the students depending upon the status quo. If you can devote more hours for preparation of CLAT exam, do it.  

Category 1

Category 2

Category 3

Dedicate 45 mins. to 1 hour for prep of CLAT

Devote 6-8 hours of study for CLAT 

Cursory preparation would be enough in the month of Feb provided Boards exams is priority

Refer to GK quiz or attempt a few MCQs

Devote more time if you are not preparing for 12th or any other exam


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