Teachers Day 2022: Meet #InspirationalTeachers who are using Innovation and Edutainment to Transform the Education System

Teacher’s Day 2022: As India celebrates Teachers Day 2022, it is important to look back at some #inspirationalteachers stories. Meet these 6 inspirational teachers who are using innovation and edutainment to transform the education system for the students.

Teachers Day 2022: Education has the power to transform the world; but in the dynamic world that we live in, it is equally important for Education to transform itself as well. While knowledge and Information systems, that are part of the Education System remain constant, the education pedagogy and delivery system should also evolve and adapt to the changing times and contemporary challenges that students and teachers face.

As India celebrates Teachers Day 2022, it is important to look back at some #inspirationalteachers, who have used innovation and vicissitude to help develop new learning models that are more effective. But, before that is also important to understand what exactly is innovation in education and why is it important, especially during the times that we live in.

What is Innovation in Education?

What and how we learn in school determines who we become as individuals and without any doubt, education is the foundation of all.  Quoting William Butler Yeats, “Education should not be the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” Apart from that, innovation in education is also essential as it can lead to better outcomes in a student's life. Innovation is taking two things that exist and putting them together in a new way. Exposing them to innovative educational models in education can only heighten their preparedness. Innovative methods can ignite the passion for learning and provide students with the tools they need to succeed in the innovation economy.  The use of innovative technology in the classroom helps to engage the students with different kinds of stimuli and creates an environment of learning.

Why is Innovation Important in Education?

Innovative practices in education are critical to new growth and change as well. Moreover, innovation in education can be as simple as doing things in a new and different way, requiring different approaches, processes or strategies. Innovative classrooms are filled with students who are developing stronger communication skills and building engagement capacity amongst their peers. In this digital age, students learning in innovative classrooms can potentially retain more information and process at a deeper level of understanding. Therefore, teachers are using innovative technology in the classroom that helps to engage the students with different kinds of stimuli and creates an environment of learning.

#InspirationalTeachers Who are Transforming Education Through Innovation and Edutainment

Many schools face challenges such as lack of attention, unengaged students and outdated curriculums during the pandemic, innovation offered a path forward. In the COVID-19 situation, teachers understood the need to use innovative methods to engage students. So, to make education more fun, teachers used technology in innovative ways to teach students. Here, meet some teachers who are transforming education through innovation and edutainment.

Dr Sameer SudhakarDr Sameer Sudhakar

Dr Sameer Sudhakar Pingle teaches MBA and BBA Courses at SBM-SVKM's NMIMS Indore Campus. He used mixed pedagogy and contemporary pop culture to cater to the different needs and requirements of students. To make his classes fun and interesting, Dr Pingle uses case studies and research articles in the classes. He e used innovative and unique mixed pedagogy to engage students in different academic projects and assignments.

Know more about Dr Sameer Sudhakar Pingle’s Initiative Here

Dr Poornima VDr Poornima V

Dr. Poornima V is a neuroscientist by profession and a researcher. She developed a child-centric learning management tool that can make learning from home more effective, and hence she developed - Agile Shaala (virtual learning community). At Agile Shaala, children are encouraged to develop self-learning skills and are handheld through online interactive sessions.

know more about Dr Poornima’s Initiative Here

Anindita SahooAnindita Sahoo

Anindita Sahoo is a Professor of Linguistics at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras. She introduced - Linguistic Typology course that allowed her students to learn various theoretically interesting things about indigenous languages in India. Through her assignments, students understood their languages better. This course also enables the learners to do a comparative analysis of the grammar of human languages.

Know more about Anindita Sahoo Initiative Here

Shalini ChauhanShalini Chauhan

Shalini Chauhan, a primary teacher who teaches Maths at Indirapuram Public School, Indirapuram used several online tools and games to make learning Mathematics fun for her students. To keep the students engaged and motivated, she not only explored new dimensions of digital education but also made effective use of pedagogy in the best possible manner.

Know more about Shalini Chauhan’s Initiative Here

Gurneha SandhuGurneha Sandhu

Gurneha Sandhu, a teacher at Indraprastha Global School, Noida built synergy among traditional teaching techniques and modern-day digital tools to make learning fun and engaging for her students. She launched many programs and initiatives and virtual tools like - Near Pod Games and Kahoot, Flip Teaching etc to help her students learn effectively. The usage of digital tools is helping her engage students at all levels and activate multiple learning styles.

Know more about Gurneha Sandhu’s Initiative Here

Abhinav DuttaAbhinav Dutta

Abhinav Dutt, a teacher at Ahlcon International School, New Delhi, understood that technology plays an important role in making Education more engaging and at the same time entertaining for the students. So to make education fun he integrated Ed-Tech tools into his teaching pedagogy. Some of the ed-tech tools that he uses are - Virtual Experiential Learning, Flipped Classroom, Podcast and Virtual circle time using Padlet etc. 

Know more about Abhinav Datta’s InitiativeHere

Teachers work so hard so that they can help students learn and grow. They shape the future of students by devoting their every day. Even during the pandemic-enforced lockdown, teachers did not give up, in fact, they engaged students during online classes and used innovation and edutainment to transform the education system.

So, on this special day, the least students can do is thank teachers for all the hard work they have been doing. The day marks the invaluable contributions of the teacher in making us who we are and reminds us to appreciate them for moulding students' lives and careers. Remember that teachers are important no matter where we are on the globe today!

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