Optical Illusion: Can you spot the football among pandas in 13 seconds?

Optical Illusion: There is a football hiding in plain sight in this picture. You are a genius if you can spot the football in 13 seconds. Test your observation skills by attempting this optical illusion challenge now!

Optical Illusion Test: In a generation where people's attention spans vary greatly, optical illusions have managed to capture their attention and keep them hooked, coming back for more.


Netizens enjoy taking on new optical illusion challenges, which are both a fun way to entertain themselves and a way to prove their intelligence to friends and peers.


The internet is flooded with several challenges involving optical illusions, which indicates how popular they are.


Optical illusions may aid in enhancing focus and observational abilities, according to some research.


Would you like to test your observation skills?




Then, this will be a perfect test for you.


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Optical Illusions - Find the Football among Pandas in 13 Seconds


Source: Dudolf


FIFA World Cup 2022 has started in Qatar, and this is the season of football, one of the most popular sports in the world.


Keeping that in mind, we have come up with an optical illusion challenge where you need to find the hidden football within 13 seconds.


This image was created by Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás, who specialises in creating fun optical illusions.


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The challenge for you is to find a football that is hiding in plain sight among the pandas. You need to find the football within 13 seconds in order to successfully complete the challenge.


Optical illusion challenges are a good way to test your observation skills as well as your intelligence. Although it is a good way to test your intelligence, it is not the only way to test intelligence. 


If you really need to understand your actual IQ levels, then professionally designed IQ tests are the best way to find out your IQ.


Did You Find the Football in 13 Seconds?

If you look carefully at the image, you can see a lot of pandas, the pandas are black and white in colour, and the colour of a classic football (soccer) ball is also black and white.


Due to this, the pandas act as the perfect environment where the ball can blend, making it impossible to detect the ball at first glance.


Hurry up.


Time is running out.


Have you spotted the football?


It is a moderate-level challenge, and an individual with good observation skills would have spotted it easily.


Time’s up.


Still, looking for the football?


Don’t look further, scroll below for the solution.


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