Vikram Kirloskar, Biography: Vice Chairperson Of Toyota Kirloskar Motor, Early Life, Career, Family And More

The Vice Chairperson of Toyota Kirloskar Motor, Vikram Kirloskar passed away on November 29, 2022, due to a heart attack at age of 64.

The Vice Chairperson of Toyota Kirloskar Motor, Vikram Kirloskar passed away on November 29, 2022, due to a heart attack at age of 64.

He was the fourth generation member of the Kirloskar business family and is remembered as a pioneer of India’s automotive industry. 
He is credited for bringing Toyota’s business to India.


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Biography of Vikram Kirloskar


Vikram Kirloskar

Birth Date / Year



64 Years


29th November 2022


Geetanjali Kirloskar


Manasi Kirloskar


Neville Tata




Bengaluru, India


Toyota Kirloskar Motor or Kirloskar Group

Net Worth

Rs. 500 Crore


About Vikram Kirloskar

  • Vikram Kirloskar was born in November 1958.
  •  Vikram Kirloskar was the son of Shreekant Kirloskar who was the son of the businessman instrumental in the rapid expansion of the Kirloskar Group, SL Kirloskar who established India's first iron plough in 1888.
  • India’s growth and industrialization for decades are heavily credited to the Kirloskar Group.


  • Vikram Kirloskar attended the Lawrence School situated in Ooty.
  • After school, Kirloskar went on to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where his grandfather also studied. 
  • He graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT.

“Kirloskar’s business revolves around engineering and my engineering education at MIT helped me immensely,” said Kirloskar in an interview 


  • Vikram Kirloskar joined the family business right after graduating.
  • Vikram Kirloskar initiated his business with Production Engineering and went on to develop several tools and processes in his early years with the company.
  • Vikram Kirloskar is credited for bringing Toyota’s business to India in the late 1990s. 

“First we started with textiles with Toyota and then I thought we must get into the car business as well… If you look at my whole career, there is not much diversification really. It has always been about engineering and manufacturing," Kirloskar told freelance writer Bindu Gopal Rao.

Personal Life and Family

  • Vikram Kirloskar lived in Bengaluru with his wife Geetanjali Kirloskar and daughter Manasi.
  • Kirloskar's daughter Manasi recently welcomed their first grandchild Jeh. She is also an Executive Director with Kirloskar Systems and a member of the board of Toyota Motors. 
  • In 2019, Kirloskar's daughter married Neville Tata, son of Noel Tata.
  • Vikram Kirloskar was a wine cognoscente with an incredible array of wines. He also loved cooking. 

In an interview, the late businessman mentioned, “Dishing up a meal is like making a painting or sculpture and I am always competing against my last meal,” he once said. “Nowadays, I spend a lot of time cooking, but I do not really cook the same thing twice.”

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