What is Wordle? All About The Online Word Game That Has Taken Internet By Storm!

Wordle is an online word game that has taken the internet by storm. Take a look at the article below to understand what this word puzzle is and why are people so attached to it.

Wordle, the word-based puzzle published by the New York Times has become the internet sensation. The online puzzle has become a daily routine for users of various social media platforms, especially Twitter. The game appeals to the users through its green, yellow and grey boxes and takes the toll to become one of the many obsessions one has. So in case, you do not know what this game is, read below to find out what it is. In case you have tried the game, read below to find out some interesting facts about it.


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What is Wordle?

Wordle is a daily word game that is available online. This simple game has an appearance like a crossword puzzle which makes it even more appealing to the users. There are white grids scattered in 6 rows and 5 columns, allowing the users to guess the word of the day. However, the players are given only 6 guesses to guess the correct word. if the player fails to guess the word, then they will have to try their luck the next day with a new word. 

What we found to be even more appealing was the use of this puzzle just once every day.  The crossword puzzle can be solved just once a day, this online game can also be played just once as there would be no new word added to the puzzle before the next day or 24 hours. As per the psychologists, this once a day only chance makes it even more challenging and appealing to the users wanting them to come back stronger every next day. Interesting approach, isn't it?

How to Play Wordle?

The player first needs to visit the New York Times website. On the website, they have to search for Wordle and once they do, they will redirected to the game page. Every player gets just 6 tries to guess a word. After every try, the box color changes to either green, yellow or grey to signify how close the user is to guess the word correctly. 

The game gives players six chances to guess a randomly selected five-letter word. Green spot means your letter is correct on that very spot; yellow means your letter is correct but is at the wrong spot and grey means your letter and the spot is incorrect. One only has a chance to enter six words. So, in any case, one can enter five-burner words from which one can learn hints about the letters and their placements. Only one chance is available to put the hints to use. 

Wordle Connects People!

The game in itself is wonderful and the lesser the chances, the better the zeal among the users who play it. As per New York Times, over 3,00,000 players are using this game every day. 

What makes it even more connecting is that everyone is playing the same puzzle every day across the world, so people connect with each other through the game. Some write, "Today was tough", while some days people go boasting of their word skills. 

Users can also share their Wordle journey for the day, once they have solved their puzzle or have lost all the chances. This way, one can show off their skills to others or at least inform them about the difficulty level of the day's game.   

Check Daily Wordle Here

Wordle No. Date Answer 
565 January 5

Today’s Wordle: 565 Hints and Clues of 5 January with Solution

This was all about Wordle. Hope you enjoy the game. 

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Does Wordle give you any hint?

No, the five-letter word of the day is selected at random. There are no hints on the NY Times website, however, you can visit our website to get hints and solution to the word game.

How do you play Wordle?

Visit the NY Times website and go to Wordle. Each player is given 6 tries to guess the correct word.

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